About EJJB IT Consulting

IT Support for Domestic and Commercial needs throughout Kent and the south east.

Providing IT Support for over 20 years.

At EJJB Consulting, we know how reliant you are on the reliability of your I.T setup.

You know the importance of keeping secure, keeping data backed up and of course staying online.  

To do this, you need to either employ an in-house I.T specialist or contract an experienced, reliable I.T support partner that can minimise your risk. 

The problem is, finding a partner that makes you feel like they care as much about your business as you do, something that will make you sleep easier at night. 

Our clients love working with us because they know that their businesses are as important to us as they are to them.

Our Mission

“At EJJB Consulting, we know how businesses rely on I.T and know that downtime can cost hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. 

We provide our clients with the support that keeps their businesses running, protects them from losing money and keeps their reputation intact.”

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